Bless Ministries Church Philippines 

Tagum City, Davao Province, Mindanao, Philippines 

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Joe and Hermogena Jadol travel and minister the Gospel of Christ and his Kingdom to the high mountain villages in Central Mindanao Region of the Philippines.  Their local church fellowship is located in the high mountain village of Sawata, Davao Province.  As a husband and wife team, they are both pastors for the Bless Ministries Church U.S.A Philippines Extension.  It is their passion to help the poor indigent tribal families see how the message of Jesus Christ and the kindness of the church can give them a ray of hope in this present life.   They continue pressing forward, no matter the challenges, raising the hope of all the Pilipino people.

Pastors Joe & Hermogena Jadol

 Sons: Christian and Jemuel

The church is an excited congregation that loves praising and worshipping the Lord in fullness of the spirit and power of the Word of God.  Without hesitation they enter into worship seeking the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Their extensive discipleship training is helping this progressive ministry to build a strong faith based church that can influence all the surroundings villages and communities to desire Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savor.  Much emphases is given to personal spiritual growth and understanding in the Bible.

Church Planting and tribal evangelism is an important part of Pastors Joe and Hermogena's vision to reach all the villages and cities in their region. 

By holding Bible Conferences the church is capable of reaching

many more people while providing needed training for the pastors and ministers under their leadership.   



Cagayan de Oro City in the Bukidnon Province

Valencia City in the Bukidnon Province       

Food relieve if an important of the ministry in the Philippines.  Many of the mountain villages struggle for the basic needs.  The Bless Ministries Church U.S.A Philippines is working hard to bring food everywhere they bring the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The church has made Tribal Crisis Center to better cater minor problems of poor indigent tribal families.  The crisis center collects food and has a food relief program that distributes the food.

The high impact worship, strong movtivation for discipleship, and the personal care this ministry provides to their community and surrounding villages is making a difference.

On October 29-31,2016 they had a Holy Convocation and a feast of Tabernacle celebration, where the Power of God manifested in the midst of the congregation that filled His very presence during the Praise and Worship. They were anointed with of the unadulterated word of God that was delivered by our guest speaker Rev. Eddie Isada with his wife Liberty Isada.  The event was a festive and joyful celebration for the brethren as they were blessed by the word of God as they enjoyed the delicious foods they prepared for 3 days. They went back home full of Spiritual and Biblical insights and understanding with full stomach.  Here is a slideshow  of the conference.

Youth Camp 2019


I would like to share to you the victory we have in Jesus, the Victory is that our Youth Camp Meeting Last 16-19 of this month of April, it was very rejoicing, Joyful and full of Power impact messages that we delivered, that changed the life styles and behavior of our youth. They renewed their first love to God and commit to serve Him faithfully and obedience to His word, We give Bibles for those who do not have, they were also enjoy swimming in the clean and blue color Sea facing the Pacific Ocean. They went back home to their respective places bearing with new commitment, with greater Joy, Courage with Zeal and Boldness in the Name of Jesus.

Finally, “ Keep praying for us, for we are convinced that we have a good (clear) conscience, that we want to walk uprightly and live a noble life, acting honorably, and in complete honesty in all things”. Hebrews 13:18, Shalom!


 Jadol Bibles

In August 2020 Bless Ministries Mobile USA started receiving donations for us to purchase bibles in our language so we could give them to church members and other people in our community that did not have a bible.  Since then we have been able to distribute many bibles to our people.  Each bible cost $10.00 USD for us to purchase here in the Philippines.  Bless Ministries Mobile USA calls this donation effort Jadol Bibles, after our family name.  Please help us get the Word of God in the Pilipino language to those who would otherwise not be able to read from the Bible.    Thank you for helping us distribute the Word of God!!!

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Bless Ministries Vision in the philippines

We wanted to be a channel of blessings to all Save and the Unsaved Filipino people in the followings ways:


1. Tribal Outreach Program.   While providing genuine biblical truth teachings and messages we will provide (a) Literacy Class Program to adult and children on how to read and write (b) Teaching a Tribal men to improve their farming skills by providing them tools, Water Buffalo Carabao, Knapsack Sprayers, Pesticides, Fertilizers and Seedlings. In order to produce good crops harvest and other agricultural products.


2. Urban Outreach Program.  Build a "Crisis Center" to cater minor problem in the society or in the community such as: Battered Women, Single Mother, Widow, Alcoholics, Prostitutes, and etc...  The center will provide spiritual and biblical counseling with free foods, medicines, hygiene and clothing.


3.  Island Outreach Program.  Provide the Islanders with real spiritual and biblical values while assisting their livelihood with training programs in fishing, motor boats, and fish netting, to help to sustain their family's basic needs.  Provide assistance with the educational studies of their children.


4.  Disaster's Outreach Program.   Extend relief and assistance in the event of any calamities that hit our nation.  We have a storehouse to stock all donated goods ready for distribution.  In this way we are showing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we it will be easily enter into the people's lives.


Presently we have seven Christian personnel who are working with us in the different places. They need $150.00 a monthly for their transportation fares, meal allowance and personal belongings.


I invite you as our Christian Brothers and Sisters to make a solemn commitment to get involve with our vision and outreach program.  By your support, we can reach millions of unsaved Filipino people and bring them into a saving faith with Jesus Christ.  Catch our vision with us and be a blessing!  Help us support our seven working personnel.

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