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Patha Pattiseema, India

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I am Shaik Meeraji.  I have been declaring the gospel among the Hindu and idol worshipers for the past five years.  We have built two congregations in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh State, India. 


I was born into a Muslim family and I married a Muslim.   I was a true follower of the Qur'an, but I didn’t find truth in my religion. I was always with many doubts about the Muslim doctrines.  So I lost faith in it.


Kavala Gangadhar,                  a pastor from Polavaram, shared with my husband I the truths about Jesus Christ.  We were saved and started learning the miracles of Jesus.  The teaching and messages of Pastor Gangadhar has saved our souls, our health, and our economic issues. 


The more we learned the more I understood the call God had placed on my life.  Five years ago I began developing church services in the hill and forest areas near Patha Pattiseema.  We named our work the Genesis Ministries.  We now have thirty pastors who help us with the many services we hold each week.


One of our outreach programs is holding Medical Camps in the tribal hamlets and villages.  These camps help provide for the health needs of people in each community.


My husband, Shaik Nooka Saheb, works with me to ensure all the areas of the Genesis Ministries works well.


We have taken on the motto: 

       Save the Distressed People from Hunger. 

In our goal to help the hungry of our nation we also have twenty orphan children and twelve elderly people we care for. 

I first learned of Bless Ministries Mobile USA through another pastor we partner with to hold gospel campaigns and grow our work among the orphans and elderly.  Pastor Sanjay Kumar is a partner with Bless Ministries and he introduce me to the website and its work.  I made contact with them and we started our partnership with Bless Ministries also.

The area we live in has a difficult time during the rainy season.  Torrential rains will many times cause flooding so sever entire villages are under water, leaving everyone homeless.  Recovery for most of the people is hard and slow because they are all so poor.  It is during these times our ministry reaches into the flooded communities to assist them with clothing, food, and possible housing solutions.  We use all we have to render assistance but we need the help of concerned donors to come along side us and give so we can meet the needs of these communities each year.  We are hoping our partnership with Bless Ministries will give us the exposure we need to get our message out.  We so desperately need serious donations to continue this great work.


We go door to door sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  In this process we have become known by many pastors who want to join us in our efforts to help the distressed and hungry people in our communities.  Bless Ministries Mobile USA has helped us to issue certificates of license to now 150 pastors who work under our leadership.  This tremendous network of pastors and churches are making a huge difference for all of our local communities. Here are pictures of some of these pastors.


It is our vision to win millions of souls to Christ by preaching the word of God.  We are encouraging pastors to work together as we show forth the glory of God and reach further into the rural areas in our region.  Using gospel meetings, medical camps, tract distribution, and cottage prayer meetings, we are making great strides to bring people into salvation through Jesus Christ.  As we continue helping the poor and needy, we show the love of God, and people are realizing it is the love of Jesus working through us.

We recently went into the Chaitanya Mahila Mandali with our volunteers to help train youth in the tribal zone of Polavaram Mandal.  Our ministry received the "Best New Gospel Outreach" award from the District collector for our work and training.

Thank you for looking at our webpage.  Please consider what the Lord would have you to do to help us.  Please make a donation to our ministry by clicking the donate button.  This is a good ground for your faith seeds. 


Thank you for your kindness.