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Andrew Gardner
Johnny Holland

Andrew Gardner

     The Battle for Hope

     It's In the Bread

     Out of His Loneliness

     Paul the Apostle


Brigitte Gabriel

     Peaceful, Non-Radical Muslims are Irrelevant


Coach David Verdu

     Four P's for Your Life

     What are You Waiting For


Dan Calic

     Is God and Allah the Same?


David Barton

     America's Foundation


David Edwards

     From This Day Forward:  1. Seek God

     From This Day Forward:  2. Fight Fair

     From This Day Forward:  3. Have Fun

     From This Day Forward:  4. Stay Pure  


Dick Braswell

     Anchors That Hold

     Choosing and Refusing

     Getting the Supply to the Need

     How to Change Things

     When You Feel Like Quitting

     Worthy is the Lamb


Dr. Lanetta Armstrong

     Yeshua or Jesus?


Dr. Robert R. Perkinson

     God Wants to Talk to You

     Meditation Where God Talks to You

     What is Spirituality


Dr. Theresa Phillips

     Royal Walk in Christ



     Muslims, Who and What They Are


Gene Brack



Joshua Holder

     If God is in the Neighborhood

     God's Set Time